We are eager to offer new programs to the community. If you have a gift, talent, or ability that you would like to share, let us know and we will try to help you offer a class. If you would like to take a class that we are not currently offering, let us know so that we may look for an instructor and others who share the same interests.
A group of kids works on a banner
Interests & Topics
Areas of interest include:
  • Arts and crafts
  • Drama
  • Fitness
  • Music

  • Self-improvement
  • Sports
  • Travel 
  • Pickleball
Types of Programs
  • Cultural Arts promote the advancement, appreciation, and lifestyle introduction of culturally based activities such as music, dance, crafts, and language.
  • Outdoor Recreation Programs give participants an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, through education and or organized activities.
  • Social Programming provides education, resource information and social opportunities for participants.
  • Sports and Fitness Programs promote a healthy lifestyle through organized physical activity or exercise.
  • Travel Programs provide day trips and overnight getaway to a variety of interesting destinations.
Program Cancellations
We reserve the right to cancel programs due to insufficient enrollment. Programs not meeting minimum enrollment 6 days prior to the class start date will be cancelled.

Use of School Facilities
We schedule school facilities for non-school use. If you or your group need to schedule use of an athletic field, give us a call and we can make arrangements

Our staff and volunteers will take photographs of people enjoying our programs, special events, activities, and or facilities. These photographs may be used in our publications and program guide.

Volunteers Opportunities
We offer numerous and exciting volunteer opportunities. Volunteers are an integral part of our county park system. People ages 13 and older can volunteer their time and talents to help us become a successful organization. Specific areas for volunteer opportunities include:
  • Environmental education
  • Maintenance
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Park environment
  • Programming
  • Special events
Resource Speakers
Learn more about us at your next group civic, church, club, or business meeting. We would like to tell you more about:
  • Facilities
  • General Department Information
  • Park Development
  • Recreation Programs
Suggestions Wanted
In planning our future line up of programming, trips, and special events, we would like to request your input. Is there a program, trip, or event you would like to see offered by our department? We would welcome any comments or suggestions you may have regarding recreation services. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Program Instructors Needed
We are always looking for qualified, certified instructors to teach special interest classes. We need instructors willing to work with preschool, youth, teen, adult, and senior programs. Areas may include dance, music, fitness, art, cooking, nature, or your own special talent.

Applying to Be an Instructor
If you are interested in being an instructor, please call 804-598-5275.