Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA)

FOIA Officers

Requests for the following Departments/Offices:

County Administration
Commissioner of the Revenue
Commonwealth's Attorney
Community Development
Economic Development
Fire & Rescue/Emergency Management
Human Resources
Parks & Recreation
Public Works

Please contact Bonni Johnston or Kerri Delaney 

Requests for Other Departments/Offices:


Circuit Court -

Teresa Hash Dobbins, Clerk
Office: 804-598-5660
S. Roxanne Salerno, Deputy Clerk
Office: 804-598-5660


Peggy Martin, Library Director
Office: 804-598-5670

Treasurer' s Office

Rebecca C. Nunnally, Chief Deputy Treasurer 
Office: 804-598-5625
Fax: 804-598-5436

Sheriff's Office


Cindy Gillespie,Communications Manager
Office: 804-598-5760
Anne Reynolds, Crime Analyst
Office: 804-598-5657

​Social Services - 

Catherine Pemberton, Director
Office: 804-598-5630