COVID - 19 Information

Virginia Department of Health has started indicating COVID-19 cases by locality on their webpage along with lots of other great information. Stay informed with facts. 

  1. Powhatan County Confirms First Case of COVID-19

    This afternoon Powhatan County received notification from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) regarding the first confirmed case of COVID-19. Additional Info...
  2. Powhatan County Declares Local State of Emergency

    Powhatan County joins Richmond, Hanover, Henrico, Chesterfield and Goochland in declaring a Local State of Emergency. This will allow the County to move more swiftly in putting resources towards the issue, should they become needed in the future.
  3. Xfinity Offers Free WiFi Hotspot Access

    Xfinity will be free for the next 60 days. Read on...
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