Meet The Leadership Team

  1. Smither, Ned new crop

    Edward N. (Ned) Smither

    County Administrator
    Phone: 804-598-5612

  2. Schubert, Charla

    Charla Schubert

    Director of Finance
    Phone: 804-598-5610

  3. Warner, Phil

    Phil Warner

    Fire & Rescue Chief
    Phone: 804-598-5646

  4. Alexander, Karen

    Karen Bailey Alexander

    Director of Elections and Voter Registration
    Phone: 804-598-5604

  5. David Dunivan, Building Official

    David Dunivan

    Building Official
    Phone: 804-598-5622 Ext 2012

  6. Teresa Dobbins

    Teresa Hash Dobbins

    Clerk of the Circuit Court

  7. Timberlake, Jamie

    Jamie Timberlake

    Commissioner of the Revenue
    Phone: 804-598-5619

  8. Frank Hopkins, Planning Director photo

    Frank Hopkins

    Planning Director

  1. Schardein, Bret_1300 pixels

    Bret Schardein

    Assistant County Administrator
    Phone: 804-598-3639

  2. Lowe, Melissa

    Melissa Lowe

    Human Resources Manager
    Phone: 804-598-5755

  3. Nolan, Tom

    Thomas Nolan

    Director of Public Safety Communications
    Phone: 804-598-5830

  4. Wood, John

    John Wood

    Director of Information Technology
    Phone: 804-598-5644

  5. Cox, Richard

    Richard Cox

    Commonwealth's Attorney
    Phone: 804-598-5668

  6. Bradford Nunnally

    Phone: 804-598-5751

  7. Roxanne Salerno, Economic Development Program Manager photo

    Roxanne Salerno

    Economic Development Manager

  8. Meghan Carroll, Director Social of Services

    Meghan Carroll

    Director of Social Services

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