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Taxes ...


Real Estate
$.90 per $100 of assessed value
Due June 5 and December 5

Personal Property
$3.60 per $100 assessed value
Must be filed by May 1.  Due December 5

Municipal Auto Stickers
County - $25
Must be paid by April 15

Dog Licenses
Neutered/Spayed - $7.00
Regular - $10.00

Personal property taxes

Anyone who owns personal property in Powhatan County must pay taxes unless otherwise exempted. Automobiles, trucks, motor homes, motorcycles, trailers, boats, aircraft, business personal property, and machinery and tools used in the manufacturing process are all considered personal property.

Everyone owning personal property is required by law to file a personal property tax form with the Commissioner of the Revenue's office by May 1 of each year, whether or not the information has changed.  These green forms are mailed to all mailbox holders in the county the first week in January.  If you do not receive a form in the mail, call to request that one be mailed at 598-5616.  These forms should be completed according to how a vehicle is registered with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The assessed value of personal property is based on a recognized pricing guide or a percentage of the original cost.  The pricing guide used for motor vehicles is the January edition of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Official Used Car Guide and the Official Older Car Guide.  The value taken from the guides is the average loan value as determined by NADA.

Assessments are done by the Commissioner of the Revenue's office.  The Treasurer's office sends and collects the tax bills.  The rate used to calculate taxes is set each year by the Powhatan County Board of Supervisors.  The deadline to pay personal property taxes is December 5.  The current rate is $3.60 per $100 of assessed value.

Powhatan County does not prorate personal property taxes as do some other localities.  Powhatan County begins assessing taxes as of January 1 of each year.  Anything bought or sold after this date will not be considered until the following year.  If there are questions about your tax bill, contact the Commissioner of the Revenue's office as soon as possible after receiving your bill.

The Treasurer's office will accept partial payments on taxes during the year.  Outstanding balances owed after December 5 are subject to penalty and interest.  For more information, contact the Treasurer's office at 598-5625.

If you feel that there are special conditions pertaining to your vehicle in regards to your assessment, such as high mileage, body damage, wrecked vehicles, or junked vehicles, call 598-5619 as soon as possible.  Proof will be required for an adjustment.  Examples of such proof are: oil change receipts, state inspection slips for current and prior years, repair bill, a detailed mileage log, insurance report showing when a totaled vehicle was removed, DMV records reflecting when the plates of a junked vehicle were returned, or an accident report.

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Real Estate Taxes

All real estate property is subject to taxation unless specifically exempted.  Property is assessed as of January 1 of each year, with new construction assessed upon final inspection by the building inspections office and are prorated for the remainder of the year.  State law requires that your real estate assessment be at 100 percent fair market value.  Fair market value is defined as the price that most people would pay for the property on the open market.  Powhatan County currently has a general reassessment every four years.  The Commissioner of the Revenue's office is responsible for real estate assessments during the years in between reassessments cycles.  Once new construction has had a final inspection and the property has been assessed, you will be sent a written notice of the assessment.

The Powhatan County Board of Supervisors establishes the rate at which the property is taxed each year.  The 2006 real estate tax rate is 90 cents per $100 of assessed value.  Tax bills are mailed to the owner as of January 1 unless otherwise requested.  Taxes that are prorated or paid during real estate closings are handled by your attorney.  If there are questions regarding these tax payments, contact your attorney.  If there are changes in the billing address or other changes pertaining to your taxes, contact both the Commissioner of the Revenue at 598-5616 and the Treasurer at 598-5625.  Real estate taxes are due and payable twice a year: June 5 for the first half of the year, and December 5 for the second half of the year.

Any questions concerning the assessment of your real estate should be directed to the Commissioner of the Revenue.  Any questions concerning the payment of your taxes should be directed to the Treasurer.  If you believe that you should have received a tax bill but didn't, please contact either of the above.  Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve you of the interest and penalty that will be applied to past due bills.

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Payment of Taxes

Tax bills should be paid by check or money order made out to the Treasurer of Powhatan County and mailed to Post Office Box 87, Powhatan,  VA  23139.  Payment may also be made in person at the Treasurer's Office located in the Powhatan County Administrative Offices at 3834 Old Buckingham Road.  Payment of taxes and the purchasing of decals should be done by mail and if at all possible, should be done before the deadline to avoid a long line.

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Business Personal Property

Powhatan levies a tax on tangible personal property used in a trade or business (such as furniture, fixtures, shelving, computers, machinery, and tools) located in the county January 1 of each year.  You must file a business Personal Property Form (blue form) with the Commissioner of the Revenue's office by May 1 of each year.  Businesses must itemized their personal property and/or equipment, stating the date of purchase for each item and the original purchase price.  These forms are mailed with the license renewals the last week in December of each year.  If you do not receive them contact the Commissioner of the Revenue's office to request that they be mailed to you.  The deadline to pay business personal property taxes is December 5. After that date, penalty and interest will apply to the outstanding balance.

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Business License

All persons operating a business or doing business within the boundaries of Powhatan County must obtain a Powhatan County Business License.  There is a $3,000 gross receipts minimum before being required to purchase a license.  Contractors licensed by another locality are required to obtain a license once their gross receipts exceed $25,000 for work done in Powhatan.  There is a $4,000 gross receipts minimum for all persons who are direct sellers (Avon, Tupperware, etc.).  An application and zoning approval are required before a license can be issued.  All businesses operating under an assumed or trade name must be registered with the Clerk of the Circuit Court before a license can be issued.  The cost is currently $10.  All corporations conducting business in Virginia must be registered with the State Corporation Commission before a license can be issued.  Powhatan County currently has a flat rate business license cost of $50.  All business licenses are renewable by March 31 each year.  All prior year business personal property taxes must be paid before a renewal license will be issued.  Contact the Commissioner of the Revenue's office at 598-5616 for more information.

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Relief for the Elderly, Handicapped, and Disabled

Powhatan grants tax relief for eligible taxpayers who are 65 years of age or older or who are handicapped and/or disabled.  The qualifications that must be met in order to qualify for programs are:

          Age 65 by December 31 of previous year or handicapped and/or disabled.
          Total household gross income is less than $30,000.
          Total net worth, excluding home and one acre, is less than $100,000.

Bring verification of your income, such as W-2P forms, W-2 forms, Social Security benefit statements, bank statements with savings and interest and all other income resources.  The handicapped and/or disabled must supply this office with a note from a doctor the first year he or she applies for this tax reduction.

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Land Use Program

Powhatan County has a program for landowners who have at least five acres of property that they are farming or 20 acres of timber.  The landowners may apply for this program and receive a reduced assessment which lowers their tax liability.  For more information, contact the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office at 598-5616.

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