Correctional Centers


Powhatan Correctional Center

There are four corrections installations operated by the Virginia Department of Corrections in Powhatan County - Deep Meadow, Powhatan Correctional Center, Powhatan Reception and Classification Center, and Beaumont Learning Center.

Powhatan Correctional Center, located between Route 711 and the James River, is one of the largest employers in the county having more than 700 full-time positions. The operational budget is approximately $29 million and the operating capacity is more than 1,300 inmates.

Established in 1894, Powhatan Correctional Center is designated as a maximum security complex composed of a main compound, for permanently assigned inmates, a reception/classification center for newly-received inmates from local jails, a medical/mental health facility which serves the surrounding correctional facilities and a segregation unit and the Powhatan County Jail for male prisoners.

Programs for inmates include food services, building and grounds maintenance, medical services, recreation, counseling, mental health, religious, academic and vocational, and industrial which includes license plate/printing shops and a construction unit.

For general information contact 598-4251.  If interested in taking a guided tour of the complex or having designated staff speak in your local service organization or school, contact Warden Alton Baskerville at 784-3551.

Powhatan Reception and Classification Center

The Powhatan Reception and Classification Center, located at the correctional center, serves as an entry point for inmates entering the correctional system from local jails.

Established and opened in April 1978, the center now houses 420 inmates.

Deep Meadow Correctional Center

Located near the Powhatan Correctional Center in the northern part of the county off of Route 711, Deep Meadow serves as a reception and classification center for medium custody inmates being received into the Department of Corrections from rural and metropolitan jails.

Initially opened in 1976, the facility consisted of mobile units obtained from the Federal Government and was subsequently closed in 1984. Funding was initiated in 1988 to provide renovations and construction of housing units. In 1989, the first inmates were received.

The facility employs approximately 250 persons, many of whom are Powhatan County residents. The facility houses 923 inmates and most are assigned for reception purposes and are subsequently transferred to other medium and minimum security facilities throughout the state. The facility also operates a 45-bed medical unit for disabled inmates. Programs include educational, recreational, substance abuse, religious and Breaking Barriers, a program aimed at changing attitudes. Contact Warden Loretta K. Kelly at 598-5503.

Beaumont Juvenile Correctional Center

Adjudicated males between the ages of 15 and 21 may be committed to the Beaumont Juvenile Correction Center. Located on Route 522 in the north-central part of the county, Beaumont dates from the 1920s. Youths generally stay at Beaumont for eight to 12 months, and 90 percent return to their home communities. Some charged for more serious crime may stay until age 21. Recent changes in the law allow youths to be committed for up to seven years.

Programs include a substance abuse treatment program, which contains a component that focuses specifically on service delivery to drug traffickers; a sex offender treatment program; a social rehabilitation program for youths having anger control problems; and a coping skills program, designed to teach youths to interact more appropriately with others.

A full-time school is operated with youths spending half a day in academic study and half a day in one of ten shops, where they are introduced to trades including painting, dry wall, automotive mechanics and small engines. More than 100 youths complete the GED high school equivalency program each year.

Beaumont also has started a juvenile industries in the areas of printing and silk-screening.

For general information contact 556-3316 or Superintendent Lee Noble at 556-7200.