Office Hours: 

Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm

Billing/Collection of Real Estate & Personal Property Taxes

  • Personal Property taxes are due twice a year - June 5 and November 5 of each year
  • Real Estate is due twice a year - June 5 and November 5 of each year
  • Lock-boxes are located next to both main entrances of the County Administration Building for convenience

Late Payments

All payments that are not paid on the due date are subject to a 10% penalty by law and an additional 10% interest is applied yearly.

Collecting Estimated & State Income Taxes Due

The Treasurer's Office collects, deposits the money in the State Treasury Account and files all necessary documents with the Department of Taxation.

Selling of Dog & Kennel Licenses

Residential Zone

  • Dog Licenses for up to 4 dogs - $10 per dog; $7 per dog if the dogs are spayed or neutered
  • Kennel Licenses with Approved Conditional Use Permit for more than 4 dogs - $50

Agricultural Zone

  • Dog Licenses - $10 per dog; $7 per dog if spayed or neutered
  • Kennel Licenses - $50.

Other Licenses

  • Dangerous Dog (declared by court) - $100 each
  • Wolf Hybrid - $50 each

Rabies Certificate

Taxpayer must always present a valid rabies certificate signed by a veterinarian in order for us to process the charge. The certificate must specify whether or not the pet is spayed or neutered in order to receive the discounted rate.