Reassessment Process

By State law, all real property (the land and the improvements thereon) must be assessed at 100% fair market value (Virginia Code 58.1-3201). The last general reassessment of Powhatan County was for 2018. The current reassessment reflects the present market value of your property.

Assessment Company

The Powhatan County Board of Supervisor’s use a third party professional assessment company to perform the field work and sales analysis. The professional assessors have the responsibility of reviewing real estate transactions and other factors and using the data to assess each parcel of real estate accordingly.

2020 General Reassessment Information

Representatives from Wampler Eanes Appraisal Service are in the process of visiting each parcel of property located in Powhatan County for the purpose of general real estate reassessment effective for tax year 2019/2020. During this process, assessors will be viewing and verifying physical characteristics of all properties and improvements.

Personnel & Vehicles

You may see the Wampler Eanes Appraisal Services vehicle with County Seals on the door riding through your neighborhood. If they feel they need further review, the property may be identified for a return inspection. As always, the county has requested that all personnel associated with Wampler Eanes wear a picture ID that will be clearly visible. All vehicles will have County Seals displayed on the sides of the vehicle.

Changes in Real Estate Value

There are many reasons for a change in real estate value. Sales information is gathered from buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals. Selling prices are then compared to the assessed values to arrive at an "assessment to sales ratio." Comparable sales information is used as a basis for the assessment of individual properties after the sales are carefully analyzed.

Online Information

You can view your property assessment and valuation online.

More Information

If you have additional questions about the reassessment process, please call 804-598-5616 to speak with the Commissioner of the Revenue Office.