Projects & Events

Tire, Appliance, Electronics & Shredding Amnesty Events
Residents are invited to drop off old vehicle tires, appliances, and electronics for recycling at reduced rates. Free shredding is also available. For more information, check out the 2015 event flyer (PDF).
Powhatan Anti-Litter Council
Operation Spruce Up (April)
County residents are encouraged to clean up roadways near their residences and businesses.

Earth Day Celebration & Electronics Recycling (April)

Committee members worked with the 2009 Earth Day Coalition to create an event to raise awareness and go green.

James River Clean up (September)
Groups, individuals and businesses come together to clean up the James River and river banks.

Clean Business Award (Fall)
The Council recognizes one business owner annually for their efforts in recycling and clean up efforts.

America Recycles & Paper Shredding (November)
The council takes part in this nationwide effort to encourage young and old to recycle. Special efforts are made through Powhatan schools.

Christmas Tree Recycling (December - January)

The council teams up with Yard Works to promote tree recycling during the month of January.

More Information
For more information, email Cathy Howland or call 804-598-5640. You can also check out our Facebook page for updates and news.