County Meetings and Workshops Audio On Demand

All Board meetings held in locations other than the Village Building auditorium are audio recorded only. Workshops held by the Board of Supervisors are recorded in audio format only. 

12/03/2019 Planning Commission Workshop

11/06/2019 Planning Commission Meeting and Workshop

09/03/2019 Planning Commission Workshop

08/06/2019 Planning Commission Workshop

07/02/2019 Planning Commission Workshop

06/04/2019 Planning Commission Workshop

05/07/2019 Planning Commission Workshop

05/06/2019 BOS Special Meeting with Fire Companies

03/11/2019 BOS Workshop

03/05/2019 PC Workshop

03/04/2019 BOS Budget Workshop

01/08/2019 PC Workshop

12/13/2018 BOS Workshop

12/4/2018 PC Workshop

11/19/2018 BOS Workshop

11/14/2018 BOS Workshop

11/08/2018 BOS Workshop

10/16/2018 BOS Workshop

10/02/2018 PC Workshop

09/13/2018 BOS Workshop

08/07/2018 PC Workshop

06/11/2018 BOS Workshop

06/05/2018 PC Workshop

05/10/2018 BOS Workshop

05/01/2018 PC Workshop

04/16/2018 BOS Workshop

04/09/2018 BOS Workshop

04/03/2018 PC Workshop

03/28/2018 BOS Workshop

02/22/2018 BOS Workshop

02/20/2018 BOS Workshop

01/30/2018 BOS Workshop

Due to technical difficulties, the first approximately five (5) minutes of this meeting did not get recorded. Items 1 through 9 of the Agenda were not captured. There were no speakers at the Public Comment period (Item 6). /AgendaCenter/Board-of-Supervisors-2/?#01302018-529.